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Receiver (Digital FM Hearing Aids)

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FM Hearing Assistant System

Because existing hearing aids is consisted of only microphone and speaker that include inside hearing aids, the user can hear only surrounding sound. But, this FM Hearing Assistant System can receive & hear the radio sound, which is resent from Transmission part, except existing hearing aids' function. This can hear only performance substance without surrounding noise at performance in the concert hall or theaters, theater etc..So, Deaf & Hard of hearing people can catch more correct contents. Also you can hear correct substance in conference hall or church, lecture room etc.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Hearing Assistant System

This goods was applied DSP chip that person's voice form is memorized. It changes analogue audible signal to digital signal and then set in hearing form, so this is the device that can supplement hearing ability most perfectly. This Digital FM Hearing Assistant System can correspond to any hearing ability perfectly and was grafted together a technology which can decrease the noise by digital and a feedback exclusion technology.

Volume adjust

It can control the volume according to user's hearing by volume control function which is attached to earphone.

Can connect with outside output device(A-Out)

It can connect output signal with our Vibrating bodily sensation device or outside audio device to A-OUT jack.